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To nurture young talent to enable them to be happy, emotionally intelligent, and skilled individuals that look beyond usual and further rediscover themselves.

HR Brain HUB is a forthcoming career exploration scaffold that renders Skill, Behavioral Training, and HR Management support.

Who are WE?

We firmly believe that attitude circumscribes the success echelon, as skills can be trained and grow with time. Hence, we enable students to relish and empower themselves through rediscovery process which would give them an opportunity to glance into the ultimate professional path.


What WE do?

We help the talents to explore the hidden potential and guide them to pursue a path that can empower them grow as a professional both internally and externally.

How do WE do?

Guiding young talents to grow and explore their hidden potential and pursue a path of being a professional through the following:

What WE believe?

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Suzanne Leigh Testimonial for Adarsh Rai - Founder of HR Brain HUB

Adarsh is a prime example of a highly-skilled job coach and amazing mentor. His professionalism is equally matched by his genuine kindness and concern for those seeking to navigate the often torrential waters of employment that job-seekers often face.

Adarsh is thorough in all that he undertakes and is relentless in his desire to educate employees and employers alike in selecting candidate and company matches that are mutually beneficial. His robust knowledge of the employment landscape and expert insight into job search makes him the ideal choice when it comes to helping talent find and secure their ideal career.

Suzanne Leigh, Content Strategy - Coinbase

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Startup India recognized

We are Startup India recognized organization in the Human Resources Industry and Talent Management Sector from DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India. It is incubated at FIED - IIM Kashipur.

The 21 Step Initiative

Our Team.

Introducing the HR Brain HUB Team: A dedicated group of diversified professionals with extensive expertise in Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and HR strategy, Career Coacing & Counselling. They are committed to driving innovation and delivering effective HR solutions for organizations of all sizes.

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