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Fri, 07 Apr


Google Meet

The EQ Advantage - The Secret to Success in the Corporate World

"Unlock your full potential and achieve success in the corporate world with our 3-day program on 'The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Corporate World"

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The EQ Advantage - The Secret to Success in the Corporate World
The EQ Advantage - The Secret to Success in the Corporate World

Time & Location

07 Apr 2023, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm IST

Google Meet

About the event

Objective: The objective of this 3-day, 6-hour training program is to provide graduates and postgraduates with a deep understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) in the corporate world, and how it can help them achieve success in their careers. Participants will learn about the role of EQ in decision-making, communication, conflict resolution, and leadership, and how it can help them build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. They will also learn strategies for improving their EQ, including developing self-awareness, practicing empathy, and managing cultural differences.

Day 1:( 2 hours)

Module 1: Introduction to EQ and its relevance in the corporate world

Definition of EQ: This session will begin with defining what EQ is, and how it is measured. It will explain how EQ is an important indicator of emotional intelligence and how it is related to workplace success.

Components of EQ: This session will discuss the five components of EQ and how they can be developed and improved.

Importance of EQ in the corporate world: This session will discuss how EQ is important in the corporate world. It will explain how higher EQ scores have been linked to greater success in the workplace, particularly in leadership roles.

Role of EQ in decision-making: This session will discuss how EQ can impact decision-making in the workplace. It will explain how higher EQ scores are linked to better communication skills, empathy, and conflict resolution abilities.

Day 2: (2 hours)

Module 2: Developing and improving EQ

Can EQ be improved?: This session will discuss whether EQ can be improved, and if so, how. It will explain the role of genetics and environmental factors in EQ development.

Strategies to improve EQ: This session will discuss different strategies that can be used to improve EQ. This could include activities such as practicing empathy, active listening, and mindfulness.

Importance of self-awareness: This session will explain how self-awareness is a key component of EQ. It will discuss how individuals can improve their self-awareness through techniques such as journaling and seeking feedback from others.

Day 3: (3 hours)

Module 3: Applying EQ in the corporate world

Using EQ to excel in the workplace: This session will discuss how individuals can apply their EQ in the workplace to achieve success. It will include strategies such as building relationships with colleagues, managing conflicts effectively, and leading teams with emotional intelligence.

Importance  of cultural sensitivity: This session will discuss how cultural  sensitivity is important in the workplace, and how EQ can help individuals navigate cultural differences. It will explain how individuals with high EQ are better able to understand and appreciate cultural differences, communicate effectively across cultures, and build inclusive workplaces.

Practice session: This session will be a practice session where participants will apply what they have learned in the previous sessions. They will be given scenarios to practice applying their EQ skills, such as conflict  resolution, active listening, and empathy.

Summary: This 3-day program will help participants develop the emotional intelligence skills they need to succeed in the competitive corporate world. Through interactive sessions and case studies, participants will learn how EQ can help them make better decisions, communicate more effectively, manage conflicts, and lead teams. They will gain practical strategies for improving their EQ and apply their learnings in the workplace. By the end of the program, participants will have a clear roadmap for how they can leverage their emotional intelligence to excel in the workplace and build a successful career.


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