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The top 5 Important Interview Tips


16 Mar 2022

In order to succeed in a job interview one must practice, research and be determined.

1. Explore – It is extremely crucial that you research about your employer. One should try to comprehend the prerequisite of the job and identify with the employer. The more you explore, the more you comprehend employer, and this would help you to answer interview questions plus ask consequential and intuitive questions.

2. The Uniform Code- The dress that fits the organization – One should go all-out for the most professional exterior an individual can carry out. However, it is always advised and appreciated not to be over dressed than under. Moreover, the clothes you wear should be fit and clean. Please do not smoke before an interview and if feasible use a mouthwash or mouth freshener. One should keep accessories and jewellery to the minimum.

3. Be on Time, stay stress-free – It has always been advised by any industry professionals that one should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled interview time to complete the official procedure and to get settled. There is no excuse for arriving late; arriving late is the foremost ingredient of the interview disaster recipe. Prepare a checklist a day or 2 before the interview, keep extra copy of resume or CV; reference list and please shut down your cell phone.

4. First intuition, body language and being authentic – It is extremely crucial to be respectful to everyone you meet from the parking lot to the interview room. Warm greetings are an add on and essential element of making first impression. These days employers are keen on how an interviewee treats their personnel.

4. (i) Poor non – verbal communication – If there is a sin in an interview that can be connected to deprived body lingo. See video to know more the importance of body language.

The success of an interview also depends upon the quality of your responses. You must not only sound authentic but be genuine and by all means respond honestly to questions.

5. Close the deal and post interview process – A job interview is like a sales call, as a sales person you are trying the interpret employer needs and provide solutions. One must learn the art of overcoming objections in an interview.

Most importantly, as a courtesy thank everyone who interview you before you leave. A thank you email or a note after the interview might not get you the job offer but will give you an edge over other applicants.

To summarize: In order to succeed in a job interview one must practice, research and be determined. The more effort you put towards an interview preparation, the more chances of success - especially if you remember and follow these five job interviewing tips.

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